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Shah Ni'mat'ullah: From Selected Poems


Not like your looking for God is our looking,
 as if for something separate, is your seeking!
 Everyone for something looks, this is true…
 but we seek for the One Who is everything.
 For that One we’re giving up heart and life:
 in return for this sacrifice... we ask nothing!
 The sickness of longing for that one has us:
  it’s strange that it’s all that we’re wanting!
 It is true we are suffering an aching heart...
 but, for the agony no remedy we’re desiring.
  By the love of that One, our self is killed…
 but no blood-money we’re ever demanding!
 Sayyid, what you look for you’ve become...
 and so finally, nothing but You is seeking.
 Shah Ni'mat'ullah: Selected Poems (p. 136). New Humanity Books.


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