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The Diary of mine


Still, I hope my mistakes in the English language won’t be an obstacle for understanding.
So, I had a dream. People I dreamt about this time were quite rare in my nite dreams.  
We were a bunch of very good friends and once we got into a narrow path, something like an arc in an old-fashioned building. Now – we go through, and as we pass there’s a threat, so abrupt! I see myself go back unconsciously. I see me go back and I see the courage of my friends in the scene, who kept staying there - around the one of us. Soon as I gathered what happened, there was nothing I could do

So? I guess I'm gonna have to introduce myself.
I am a micro-sufi, residing in the middle of nowhere - a wonderful sunny, snowy land. Feeling, seeing, touching, anticipating!
False thinking, mistaken, often drunk and usually some tired. My ways known not but quite obvious.
Why I chose to pop up here - I don't know, nobody knows.
Hello World! Come on!
My motto will be - "Get changed!"

This is a consious move from the Russian lang part of forum "The art of the participants" thread of The Sufi Forum here. Now that I feel the force to spread around my lively and sparking energy worldwide. So here I greet you, my temporarily reader!
I felt like I needed to comunicate in English only from now on, so this will be my only dock and I hope to gather friends herein I state no obligations and no bad feelings whatsoever, whatever happens.
Thank you!
THANK you, my dear teacher and my friends.


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