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танец сама зарегистрировали
« Ответ #1 : 27 ЭЮпСап 2005, 12:40:34 »
Танец (кружение) сама зарегистрировали в ЮНЕСКО как памятник нематериальной культуры (наследия) Турции.

Sama Dance Registered as Turkish Intangible Heritage
  Turkey registered the mystic round dance of Sama as its new intangible heritage on UNESCO list.  
Tehran, 26 November 2005 (CHN) – While Iran failed to register Nowruz seemingly due to its file being incomplete, Turkey succeeded to add the Sufism dance of Sama to UNESCO list of intangible and oral heritage as one of its own heritage.

On 25th of November, the director-general of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura, proclaimed
43 new masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritages of humanity. Traditional Indian performances of the Ramayana, the Ramlila, Japan’s Kabuki theatre, the Zambian Makishi Masquarade and the Samba of Roda (Brazil) are among the masterpieces proclaimed.

This is UNESCO’s third proclamation of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage, an international distinction destined to raise public awareness of the value of this heritage, which includes popular and traditional oral forms of expression, music and dance, rituals and mythologies, knowledge and practices concerning the universe, know-how linked to traditional crafts, as well as cultural spaces. Often vulnerable, this heritage, a repository of cultural diversity, is essential to the identity of communities and peoples.

The UNESCO jury met from 20 to 24 November to examine 64 national and multinational candidates for registration on the list. While Iran failed to register Nowruz as a multinational intangible heritage in the meeting, Turkey succeeded in registering its Sama dance.

Sama dance is a mystical round dance related to Sufism and the Persian world-renown poet Rumi.

was a Muslim Sufi , poet , jurist, theologian and teacher of Sufism , who was born in Balkh (then a city of the Greater Khorasan province of Persia (Iran), now part of Afghanistan) and died in Konya (in present-day Turkey, then within the Seljuk Empire's territory). His birth place and native tongue points towards a Persian heritage. He also wrote his poetry in Persian, and is read widely in Iran and Afghanistan where the language is spoken. Yet, he is adored to such a degree that citizens of the modern Turkey, Pakistan, and India sometimes consider him one of their own. (Encyclopedia Wikipedia)

Rumi’s tomb is located in Konya in present-day Turkey, to which thousands of the poet’s lovers travel each year. Turkey has been benefiting from the heritage by organization of different events and ceremonies to attract more tourists to the country. And now with the registration of the Sama dance as a UNESCO intangible heritage the country enjoys even more to boast to.
"...и козлов Я накажу" (Захария 10:3)


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