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Название: Mahan, Iran. Мавзолей Шаха Ниматуллы.
Отправлено: wayter от 17 РТУгбвР 2004, 05:06:28
"Наиболее восхитительный комплекс зданий в Иране".


Sir Roger Stevens describes Mahan as “the most ravishing single group of buildings in Iran”. It is a shrine complex commemorating a famous Persian mystic and poet, Nureddin Nematullah, who died in 1431. The first buildings were probably erected here shortly after his death, but most of it dates from considerable enlargement ad embellishment carried out during the reign of Shah Abbas in the 17th century, when the exquisite blue tiled dome with its unusual geometric design was built. The popularity of the shrine as a place of pilgrimage, particularly by the Sufi order, which Nematullah founded, ensured that such embellishment continued well into the 19th century, when the rather gaudily tiled minarets were added. The shrine proper is approached through an exquisite walled garden, with running water and magnificent cypress, pine and plane tress. The interior appears startlingly spacious after the modest proportions of the exterior, but with the central chamber of the burial itself flanked by two immense vaulted halls with the clean lines of the ribs picked out in stucco. The combination of great simplicity and extreme elaboration in the architecture, however, never jars, and buildings and gardens- not to mention the lovely setting in its green valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains-make Mahan easily one of the loveliest spots in all Iran.  

Text source: "The Civilization of Persia - Historical Notes" by Warwick Ball
Отсюда: http://www.iranairiatravel.com/travel/bam.htm


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