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Автор Тема: История человечества... и человека )  (Прочитано 848 раз)

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История человечества... и человека )
« Ответ #1 : 28 пЭТРап 2009, 22:37:46 »
Клип с интересной аналогией
Связь не совсем явная, но красиво )

History of humankind can be divided into three major periods, same as embryo growth.

Throughout our past, we were expanding, conquering, building, destroying, and re-structuring. We have spread all over the world. Human fetus reaches this condition by the 38th week of pregnancy.

Mother’s uterus is the most comfortable place for a child, and yet it is an intermediate stage of development, since the reason for pregnancy is birth. Mother’s body produces huge amount of adrenalin during the delivery to help the child to go through this hard and painful process. Similarly, we have developed to our highest level and are unable to live in accordance with the old principles.

We have no idea what’s next, but that doesn’t mean that there is no general plan of our progress. The Nature has its own program that impacts us through crises, disasters, epidemics, wars, and forces us to birth. After birth, the child continues to grow in a totally different world outside of uterus. Same with us. Eventually we have to perceive why we are here. How do we do that? See below.

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