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Автор Тема: Lie Lie Lie  (Прочитано 1999 раз)

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Lie Lie Lie
« Ответ #1 : 12 ШоЫп 2010, 02:45:05 »
Q - Do you have any advice for me in approaching my Christian friends and relatives, some who have a basic understanding of the NWO, but still think God is ultimately in control and Jesus will return to save us all from this mess and they will be raptured before it gets too bad?

A - The response of your Christian friends and relatives is the standard result of a lifetime of mind control. Huxley himself, in Brave New World Revisited, admits that the person under mind control is totally oblivious of the fact. The ancient to modern techniques for domination of a few over the many are based on the one main formula.

Number one, you draw up a plan that may take centuries in the unfolding. Number two you give a religion with the plan laid down as prophecy and eventually after the first generation it is a religion that no one questions as being the word of God. When they see these things coming to pass they naturally refer to their guiding book and say it is God's will.

The purpose of psychological warfare is to conquer a people so that they never resist your domination. New Agers have been programmed the same way into believing that nothing is real anyway, everything's an illusion so don't be concerned with the aerial spraying, etc. Christians believe that to alter the evil which is coming would be to fight God himself, since it's God's plan. This is the typical impasse which psychological warfare programming takes succumbed individuals, thus rendering their survival instincts non-functional.

Pavlov fed dogs everyday, trained them to sit in special places before he fed them and lavished praise when they did. One day he would use cattle prods on them and made them sit elsewhere, then lavished praise again. After repeating this technique a few times, the dogs when they saw him coming would simply stand with eyes down and quake and shiver because pleasing the deity seemed impossible.

In all experience I have gained, I've found it is impossible to wake up someone who hasn't taken the first step of questioning by themselves. Only then can you very gradually feed little pieces of information, too much at once will make them close down. I generally advise aware-ones who live amongst "the dead" to try and live inside their head and to try and find other awake ones elsewhere.

We are up against an ancient and well studied system of mass human behavior control and for every (and rare) sincere promulgator of truth the controllers have a hundred well-backed superstars to mislead the people. Most people even though they are uneasy in this system really want time to stop with the system intact in its present condition. Since this entire system was corrupt from the beginning it cannot be saved.

The hope always lies in the few with wisdom who can come through the period of chaos and who ensure that generations will be taught what has happened. It is also essential that the seeking individual spends as much time in knowing thy self as trying to find others of like mind, otherwise you have the blind leading the blind. The oldest trick in the book is to convince people in pre-ordination and in the esoteric tradition the people thus give power to "the beast." They would rather choose the devil they know, terrifying though it may be, rather than risk the real non-Huxley version of a Brave New World.

Lie. Lie. Lie.
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